Is control a good or bad thing? As a team leader, shouldn't WE have control over everything? If you have been a community member for a while you will remember all the talk around control when we are talking about our Coaching models.

One of the most challenging things to do as a leader is to release our control. We think that our job is to maintain control of all areas. We need to control the behavior of others. We need to control how our team members interact with customers. We need to control every performance area we are in charge of. But what if we actually released control in some areas, and gave that control to our people?

In our coaching models, we give control of certain aspects of the action steps to the team member. This 'gift' allows our people to feel accountable for the results. This simple but powerful concept is one of the most needed elements needed right now in the workforce. As of this writing, much of the country is working from home. For many, this was not a choice, but mandated by their organization. This is an extreme example of 'loss of control', and has been the cause of significant stress and anxiety for thousands of workers.

So our opportunity as team leaders is to discover areas where we can return the sense of control back to our people. When a sense of control is realized, our people become more creative, solve problems better, become more proactive, and more goal oriented. Once they are in this positive mental state, our job is to ensure that their focus on on those areas that help drive the desired results we are looking for. Using our coaching skills, we begin to have conversations with our people that help them focus on these results driven areas. That is a win win.

Without the sense of control, the opposite happens. Our people are not able to solve problems or focus on goals and objectives with any success. Everything you do as a team leader will be more difficult, until you are able to shift this control back to them. So it is worth the constant monitoring of our team members to ensure we are always allowing control to reside with our people where we can. We can only do this effectively if we have regular touch points with our people.

So add this area of 'control' to your list of things to monitor. Evaluate on a regular basis where there may be recent loss of control, and where there are opportunities to add some control back in. I think you will find the benefits to be significant in terms of productivity and reduced turnover.